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What is Makaton Friendly?

The Makaton Friendly scheme is run by The Makaton Charity to recognise organisations who strive to make their services more accessible to those who have additional communication needs, by ensuring that Makaton is understood and used by key members of staff.

The Makaton Charity are passionate about communication and strongly believe that all people should have the opportunity to access the same services and facilities.

In order to qualify for the Makaton Friendly status, an organisation must demonstrate that they understand the different methods of communication that people may have. People have a voice, but that may be in the form of gestures and signs, rather than an audible vocalisation. The organisation must provide a welcoming and supportive environment to enable their service users to access their facilities. By using signs and symbols, the organisation can become more inclusive and encourage independence of their service users.

How can you help?

Visit one of the Makaton Friendly places by going to makaton.org and “find Makaton Friendly places”. Let The Makaton Charity know what you think.

Tell a friend or family member. Post it on social media if you like what they do. It might encourage more organisations to join.

Nominate an organisation, who is using Makaton, to promote communication to make their services more accessible for those who have additional needs.

Let’s help everyone who has a voice and allow them to have access to and make choices of their own.

Saturday, 3 July 2021